Husk Exteriors, Portland Oregon

Husk is a general contracting business serving the Portland, Oregon area.

Led by Daniel Hastings, a graduate of Syracuse University and builder/contractor with a background in technology, innovation, marketing and design.

Dan was at a party and a fellow guest was ranting about a bad, ongoing experience with their contractors. All the others listening apparently related, moving their heads up and down. Hastings saw an opportunity.

Husk was founded on the idea of doing better. Better at communication, transparency, and professionalism, we operate at a higher level of care than homeowners have come to expect from contractors.

Our crew is composed of multidisciplinary professionals, typically with more than one specialty. We provide an array of services that allow our customers to use fewer contractors. We take project management and work ownership seriously, trying to relieve our clients of the stress that typically comes along with hiring and managing contractors.

Sound interesting?  Contact us any time. We’d love to hear from you!

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